6-Month-Old Twins: Breastfeeding (Still!) & Delaying Solids

twins and mom in park
Photo by Michele Zipp
The twins are 6 months old! I can't believe it. It feels like yesterday when I announced I was pregnant with two little beans.

There were so many things I was scared of when I was pregnant, but the biggest thing was breastfeeding. Turns out that I love it -- love the bonding. I'm six months in and still going strong. I even learned to love pumping when I'm at work. Okay, use of the word love there is going too far. Let's just say, I deal. I'm pumping right now as I type this and that's another thing this mom of twins has gotten very good at -- multi-tasking!


Penelope and Hunter are smaller than most 6-month-old babies; in fact, my very large 3-month-old niece is as big as my little girl, but my babies are doing great. Penelope is ... shall we say wider than Hunter, who is a string bean.

Pippi has been rolling over for a few weeks now and Hunter just started doing it, too. Though when he gets on his tummy, he freaks out. He prefers standing -- with my assistance, of course. I think he will skip crawling and go right to walking. Pippi isn't crawling yet either but when I place my hands at her feet, she does push off them.

Both of them can sit up but only for a few seconds.

Hunter babbles a lot. It sounds like singing really. He's really flirty in the way he smiles. Penelope has a belly laugh -- she even throws her head back when she thinks something is really funny ... and she thinks anything Grandma says is the most hilarious thing ever.

My husband is teaching them to sign and I swear Hunter signed the other day. I just don't know the sign. I need to learn myself!

We have our 6-month well visit next week and I think the doctor will talk about introducing solids, but I want to wait a little longer for my twins since they were preemies.

I'm curious what other twin/preemie moms have done.

Did you delay solids?

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