Diaper Bags: Baby Star Rock the Tote

babystar.com; $60
Quick: What's in your purse right now? Wanna know what's in mine? Let's see: Bags of Goldfish crackers, my laptop, shades, lipstick, three different kinds of diapers, pens that don't work, candy wrappers, a couple of pacifiers, and a book about tractors.

How is that possible?

I have a Baby Star Rock the Tote diaper bag. It's a super-stylish, totally functional, ultra-modern tote bag that works as a diaper bag for your baby gear and moonlights as a tote bag for your own stuff. Or in my case, both!


Since I have two children and I work outside the home, I need a bag that will hold a lot. The Baby Star tote is roomy enough to throw in the nap blanket for school, a lunch box, permission slips, and a sippy cup if need be.

Not only can it hold it all, but I can find it, too! The tote features a wide zipper pocket on one side and two open pockets on the other side that can hold a wipe case, bottle, or cell phone. The tote also includes a BPA-free wipe case. If I have to, I can whip out a binky in five seconds flat to stop a meltdown or make a quick after-school trip to the grocery store and have a spare diaper along. No need to stop at home for extra supplies.

The totes come in shiny metallic styles that go with everything. They are produced with a polyurethane exterior and a Baby Star-designed fabric lining. All products are formaldehyde-free and azo-free, making them safe for baby and the environment.

This multi-functional bag costs less than most smaller handbags ($60) and goes twice the distance. I plan to use it long after the diaper days have passed me by.

What kind of diaper bag do you love?

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