Alyson Hannigan's Baby and Curbing Mom Crankiness: Baby Links I Love

Jennie Canzoneri

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
Alyson Hannigan's happy family and baby allergies vs. baby colds. Here's just a few of the baby links I love this week.

  • Maybe it's my newfound love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I love this picture of Alyson Hannigan and her family, including 1-year-old daughter Satyana from Celebrity Baby Scoop.
  • Tis the season for allergies. Here's a great article at Baby Zone on how to tell if your baby is coughing and sneezing and being made miserable by a cold or by allergies. (My kiddo, to the left, has a perpetual cold, it seems.)
  • Moms get cranky too, and that's okay. Knowing your "cranky mom" triggers is helpful and healthy, and I liked the reminder from The Happiest Mom.
  • If there's one thing many, many people like, it's a baby. Here's some tips on how to handle complete strangers wanting to hold your new baby over at ParentDish.

What are your favorite baby links this week?

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