Baby Sleep Trick #28: LeapFrog My Pal Scout

my pal scout sleep for baby
Amazon; $17.54
In our ongoing attempt -- some say futile -- to get our baby to let us sleep a bit later, we've now employed a talking puppy from LeapFrog.

My Pal Scout is probably best used for older toddlers who have a better understanding of what Scout is saying to them, but the fact that he says "Judah" already has our baby's attention, so it's working in one really big way -- Judah wakes up and plays with Scout instead of yelling for mom and dad. Success!


You can program your baby's name and favorite food, colors, and lullabies too, so this is a toy with long-term usefulness. At least for now, the novelty for our baby is this dog seems to know him and wants to chat with him and play music.

If Judah's feeling a little restless at bedtime after milk, back rubbing, and singing his favorite tunes -- we pull the Scout trigger a little earlier and plop him in his crib before he's asleep and turn on the lullabies, which you can program in increments of minutes that work best for your babe.

Scout is also easily activated, so baby hands can find a paw to grab to start his kid-targeted monologue without help from mom and dad -- who are ideally catching a few extra zzzs.

LeapFrog My Pal Scout ($17.54) -- Amazon


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