Quadruplets Born to Single Mom (And Not Through IVF)

Flickr photo by wolfgrins
Keisha Keys
gave birth to two baby girls and two baby boys last week, but this isn't a story of infertility treatments upping the final outcome.

Keys and her partner were apparently trying to conceive, but assumed there would only be one child, as most of us do. Keys discovered those extra three babies during her second trimester, and they all arrived safely via c-section in a Norfolk, Virginia, hospital.

Sadly, this new mother has a tough road ahead.


The father of the babies committed suicide in March, and now Keys is single and facing eviction due to her apartment's occupancy restrictions. Her income is also paltry, so she won't be able to upgrade her Honda to a car that can even carry all four babies. But Keys said she will somehow manage.

“God doesn’t put more on you than you can bear,” she said.

Keys' story has got to hit Oprah soon, and hopefully support will be given to this new mother with four beautiful babies, but a lack of resources.


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