It's Okay Not to Like Other Babies: Best Reader Comments

crawling baby
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Some sage advice from our readers this week in comments: lie, pray and don't fall for baby product marketing.


Michele (of the one 'l') asked you if misspelling baby names bugged you. Abelsmama07 had a great take on the debate:

ehhhh, i'm half and half here.  my name is regan (pronounced ray-gan, not ree-gan).  according to my mother, my spelling is the "correct" way to spell the name. :)   but most girl's named that spell it... reagan.  so i realize there is more than one way to spell a name, and i'm cool with that.  but there is a fine line between an alternate spelling, and taking a common name and spelling it funky, in order to try and make it original.  i have a cousin who named her daughter, izzabelluh.  come on, that's just annoying.

I shared the awesome video of a 1-year-old snowboarding and jcook42 cracked me up:

Great. Now I feel guilty for not buying my 5yo those Wheelies he wanted.

Sona talked about Kavi's sleep challenges and cleannaturallady offered up her solution to the "is she sleeping through the night" questions:

Why is the first question people ask after you have a baby "Is she sleeping through the night, yet?"?  As if you are some sort of failure if they aren't.  I dislike this.  Like you said, normal newborns wake in frequent intervals during the night (and day for that matter).  If someone happens to have a baby who sleeps for 6-8 hours stretches at the right time, then good on them, but all the 'tricks' that I tried never worked on any of the 4 of my babies.  I started lying and saying yes when asked the inevitable question.  That way I didn't get any advice on how I was doing it wrong.

Knee pads for babies? Not so much, you say. Anklebitr put it in perspective:

Someone is going to make a ton of money off of those.

Amy Jo talked stroller fitness and asked what motivates you to lose the baby weight. Pnukey spoke a universal truth:

Ooh, this sounds awesome! My motivation was my pants. I wanted them to fit again!

This week in new mom secrets, a mom spilled that she doesn't like other people's babies. MomInc had some words of wisdom on the subject:

God barely gives you enough patience for your own children:>



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