Baby Exersaucer: Is It the Circle of Neglect?

baby in exersaucer
Photo by Michele Zipp
 Penelope in her exersaucer
I'm a hands-on mom, but I have twins so sometimes I have to securely put a baby somewhere to tend to the other.

We have swings and an exersaucer, and my babies love both of them, but there are times I felt guilty for leaving one in there when playing with the other.

My sister's friend calls the exersaucer "the circle of neglect."


But this "circle of neglect" helps me have one-on-one time with one baby while the other is well-contained and happily spinning the ball or playing with the blocks.

I don't think an exersaucer goes against what AP moms believe either. But some may disagree. As long as I don't plop Penelope in there and go in the other room to play with Hunter. When P is in the exersaucer, I can still interact with her, even have an eye on her to make sure she stays happy, and it helps me to give H a little mommy time when he needs it.

Oh and Hunter likes the exersaucer, too, so yes, I give them equal one-on-one time.

What do you think? Is the exersaucer "the circle of neglect," or is it good to give us a break to play with another child or even just to answer the door or use the bathroom? Do you ever feel guilty for letting your baby play alone?

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