Turkey Sweet Potato Carrot Stew for Baby

turkey sweet potato carrot stew baby
Flickr photo by NatalieMaynor
Killing two birds with one stone is Mama Brain's "No-Brainer Homemade Baby Food" post. I love this recipe for turkey, sweet potato, carrot stew because you're getting in several nutrients and expanding baby's palate.

Also, stews are pretty simple to pull together. Crock-Pot, anyone?

Mama Brain gives us other variations of the recipe where you can sub beef, butternut squash, and peas, or chicken, yams, and peas. All of them sound delicious and good for that growing baby.

But my favorite recipe instruction is the first one:  

Start boiling water, 2 to 4 cups, use the leftovers to make yourself some tea!

Taking care of mom, while taking care of a baby. That is a no-brainer.


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