Baby Names Misspelled On Purpose: Does It Bother You?

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I have no problem with baby names being misspelled. I can't. I'm Michele and to most people my name should be spelled like this -- Michelle. And when I see the name Michelle, it looks totally different to me. It's not my name even though it sounds the same.

Not everyone agrees with me and there was a discussion on CafeMom recently about an article that talks about baby names that are misspelled on purpose.


The piece mentioned how Madison can be spelled Madicyn, and Brittany can be Britteny, Brittny, Brittneigh, Brit’nee, Brittani, or Bryttney. The author is against such bastardizations.

One commenter said the world would be boring if every Brittany spelled her name the same way. I like the way she thinks.

A name is very personal. Most likely thought up by mom and dad when baby is still in the womb. It's more than a word; in fact, it's not a word if you go by Scrabble's rules. So why does anyone have to abide by some name rulebook that doesn't exist?

I'm going to get totally word nerdy right now.

Take for instance the words there, their, and they're. They all mean different things, but they sound the same. We accept this. Some of us don't always use the right spelling to go with the meaning they intend, but it's known that there are different uses for these rhyming words.

Why can't we think of names the same way? Brianne, Bree-Ann, and Breanne are spelled different but they all sound the same and they all mean something different because they belong to different people.

Do alternate spellings of a name really bother you?

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