Extreme Sports for 1-Year-Olds?

A friend of mine sent me this video of a 1-year-old snowboarding with a note reminding me that my son is the same age as this snow shredder.


Before I watched the video, I was terrified thinking about how my husband, who loves snowboarding, would be inspired to put our son on a board this winter while I fretted back at the lodge. But after watching Ava Marie, I think this looks like a ton of fun for a 1-year-old!

Of course, you'd have to find an area where older kids aren't whizzing by and knocking people down (this could be challenging). After securing the area, I say let the babies board. After all, they have a shorter distance to fall, and teaching a little one not to fear the mountain could go a long way when they're reckless teenagers.

Maybe we will take the baby snowboarding next season. I think he'd love it and could maybe teach me a thing or two in a few years.

Would you let your baby board?

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