Date Nights With Baby?

Date Nights With Baby
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So my husband and I have made it a point to maintain a bit of life as we knew it before baby. We've always been that couple that can have a great time poring over the latest tomes at the bookstore with our frappucinos and a bit of conversation.

And happily, even since Kavi was born nearly four months ago, we've managed to fit in the occasional bookstore date -- one of us just totes her around in our sling.

'Til now, we'd also managed to continue on with a dinner date every so often, with our little one in tow, usually fast asleep in her car seat. But this week, we realized that those days may be numbered.


We're visiting my husband's parents in California, so last week we took them out to PF Chang's for a casual double date. Kavi was just about an angel, taking in her surroundings with interest, babbling and trading off between mommy's, daddy's, and grandma's laps. For a 3-month-old, she was really well behaved.

Later that week, we took her to the bookstore for a few hours, where she perused magazines and read stories with mommy while we had coffee and cake. It was just like the old days, except for the baby in the sling strapped around my waist.

Feeling bold, this week we decided to grab a quick bite at the Cheesecake Factory (central California is big on chain restaurants!). Kavi was fine for the first half-hour; she napped in her car seat, then stared at the murals on the restaurant's ceilings for a little while. But just as I was about to bite my burger, she flipped out.

We don't know exactly what brought it on -- except perhaps the thought of mommy ingesting actual food. She started wailing, so my husband took her for a little walk around the restaurant while I wolfed down my meal. He brought her back, still crying, and we traded off. Eventually, I made my way outside the restaurant, and we settled down next to a fountain, where Kavi forgot her tears, mesmerized as she was by the lights flickering in the water.

Inside: bawling. Outside? Happy as a clam. That was the end of that date. We haven't really had the nerve to take her out again, but we're planning to this week. We can't just call it a day on our date nights -- with baby or without.

Do you take baby out on date night?

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