How Much Baby Stuff Is in Your Fridge?

cluttered refrigerator
Flickr photo by Gavin St. Ours
I like to keep a variety of foods handy that my baby and my 4-year-old are guaranteed to eat. So when you open up our fridge or tag along with us to the supermarket, you would find stacks of fruit, some of my baby's mash-up favorites, at least two gallons of milk (1 percent and whole -- for the baby), kid-friendly cheeses, cucumbers (my kids love these), and juice boxes.

Needless to say our refrigerator is overflowing because my husband and I like to eat too.

A Motherlode blog post discusses a new study about family habits and points out that a cluttered fridge is an indicator of a cluttered life. While I like to keep myself and my home organized, my fridge does often look like something exploded in there ever since we had kids.


I'm thinking that's not really a fair representation. After all, I like apples and my baby likes to munch on them after I've taken the first bites. But my 4-year-old prefers grapes and Cuties. My baby and husband also like bananas, but I don't. So I usually have a stash of oranges, my second go-to fruit. We all enjoy fresh strawberries from the farmers' market, so just in fruit -- we're spilling over the fruit bowl and out of the crisper. 

Let's not even discuss all the different cheeses on the shelves.

Just because we enjoy a variety of foods and have a small fridge isn't why we all forget to take my daughter's homework to school at least once a week. Or why I've started leaving sippy cups at my son's sitter's house due to the frequency of forgotten ones. Or why I've forgotten to feed the dog twice in the last month. Is it?

Do you have a cluttered fridge? And a cluttered life?


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