Custom ABC Baby Print: Worth a Splurge!

custom ABC print hoot
Photo from Hoot Design Co
Ranking right up there with the baby footprint, the Custom Hoot Print is one of those keepsakes that will also help your baby learn her ABCs.

And it's the ABCs with words you choose -- words that have meaning.

Perfect for the nursery and I have to say that if I had this when I was a newborn, I would still have it hanging on my wall today.


If I made this for my twins, my A would be for my Aunt Tena. B is for Baton Rouge (where hubs was born). C is for c-section -- okay maybe not. C is for cookie (I ate so many when I was pregnant). D is for daddy. E is for ... oh you get the idea!

You can choose every word or you can choose some and have the designers fill in the rest. Prices vary.

Simply Yours Custom Hoot Print level one ($125) lets you customize with four special words or phrases that will be designed to stand out. The rest of the alphabet will come from Hoot's Simply Baby Print.

Simply Yours Custom Hoot Print level two ($200) gives you eight letters. Level three ($325) allows you to choose words for all 26 letters of the alphabet.


Do you have custom keepsakes for your baby's nursery?

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