Was Your Baby Just Born That Way?: Links I Love

baby in kitchen
Photo by Darkangel45177
Cute baby animals and newborn personalities. Here are the links I'm loving:

  • Highlighting the need for a food revolution, Greenbiz.com says, is this whole chocolate baby formula thing. I have to say I agree.
  • Reason #535 why Sesame Street rocks: nursing baby animals in a pro-breastfeeding piece. Thanks for sharing, Michele!
  • My former Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, has issued a piece of legislation that would ban drop-side cribs. Not a bad idea considering most of them have been recalled already anyway.
  • This week's Momversation was about nature vs. nurture. Many of the moms said as soon as their baby was born, their personality was already present. Was that the case with your baby?
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