Knee Pads for Crawling Baby?

baby with knee pads
Photo from Snazzy Baby
Penelope is super-close to crawling -- Hunter just likes to be held. And when P is ready to take off, I worry about her chubby little knees on the wood floor.

I'm also worried about how we really need to baby-proof our apartment, but that's a whole other discussion.

For those ready to crawl, Snazzy Baby has knee pads.


Snazzy Baby Knee Pads ($20.99) have four layers to keep baby safe from scrapes and rug burns. They're made of neoprene and don't contain any Azo dyes, phthalates, or Bisphenol-A. Everything is formaldehyde-free.

Each knee pad can also be used as an elbow pad and all are secured with Velcro straps. They can be worn on babies 4 months to 4 years old.

knee pads for baby
Photo from Snazzy Baby

What do you think of baby knee pads? Are they necessary?

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