Thank You, Baby Mama Soldiers and Wives of Baby Daddy Soldiers (And Baby Daddy Soldiers Too!)

photo by marigonzo

Today is Veterans Day. Many of the Baby Mamas in our community are married to military men, or are enlisted in the military themselves. Some Baby Daddies may not even have met their little one yet, which has made some Baby Mama's lives really hard. And some of those Mamas were without their Baby Daddy throughout their pregnancy and the birth of their baby, like fallin4aSOLDIER, whose husband was in Iraq (he's back now!). And some soldier Baby Mamas are far away from their babies.

There are many groups on CafeMom such as Military Moms, Military Wives & Family Members of Deployed Soldiers, National Guard Wives, Soldiers, Family and Friends, and more. Stop by and say thanks.

If you're in the military or your Baby Daddy is in the military, thank you for all the sacrifices you and your family make for our country.


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