Can Lullabies Help Your Baby Sleep?

sleeping baby
Photo by nikki_novocaine
After another super-early morning, I was again hitting the Internet to see what I could do to get my 14-month-old to sleep just a little bit longer before the yelling and book tossing begin.

I stumbled upon Mommy's Sweet Things, a blog written by a woman, also named April, also with two small children who share a room and giggle into the night -- just like my kiddos. So her sleep solutions will surely work for my kids too, right? Right?!?

April tested out a Tender Lullabies CD from BeFit-Mom and it worked wonders during naptime and bedtime. She even has cute pictures of her little ones to demonstrate how sweet they are while sleeping peacefully. Awwwww!


I'm more than willing to give lullabies a try if it means more peaceful mornings and a less stressful bedtime for my guy and gal. BeFit-Mom is also having a giveaway for the CD, so you can enter the contest and see if the lullabies work for your nursery as well.

Do you play soothing music for your baby? Does it help?

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