‘Heroes for My Son’: Who Do We Want Our Children to Be?

Heroes for My Son
Amazon; $11.69
As a new parent, there's so much to learn and remember just to keep our children alive, we don't often get the luxury to sit back and ponder more of the inspirational aspects of parenting -- like who we want them to be as people. That's why I love this book Heroes for My Son by Brad Meltzer because it does just that.

It's a father's compilation of the people throughout history he wants his son to learn from and look to for inspiration.


In an interview on Amazon.com, he talks about how he started the process of writing the book the night his son was born.

"I was stuck at a red light, and I remember looking up at the black sky and thinking of this baby boy we were just blessed with. That's when I asked myself the question for the very first time: What kind of man did I want my son to be?"

He was inspired by the story of the Wright brothers who kept building and crashing planes until they finally flew. "That's the kind of story I wanted my son to hear: A story that wouldn't lecture to him, but would show him that if he was determined ... if he wasn't afraid to fail ... if he had persistence (and a side order of stubbornness), the impossible becomes possible."

He's currently working on Heroes for My Daughter.

Which heroes do you want your children to look to for inspiration?

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