Crocs: Perfect Summer Shoes for Baby; $24.99
I'm sure people roll their eyes as my family strolls by. I probably would do the same because everyone in my family wears Crocs. Mom, dad, and kids all have them in a variety of colors and the baby is no exception.

Personally? I think Crocs are some of the best shoes ever. They're durable, comfy, practical, perfect for summer, and absolutely adorable on little feet.


The Crocs Kids' Classic (pictured above) starts at a size 4/5, which corresponds to somewhere between when your baby is 12 and 18 months old. Crocs offer dozens of fun colors -- my baby Rowan can only say a handful of phrases, but one of them is "green shoe!"

I know, because I wear them too, that they're super-comfortable. If it's a little chilly, you can pair them easily with socks, and unlike traditional sandals, not make your little boy or girl look like they're dressed like an 80-year-old man in the process.

Crocs have an orthotic foot bed and they're odor-resistant, which is always a bonus. If you need to, you can hose them off in the backyard (or the even the sink) and they look brand new!

The clogs are roomy for growing feet and easy for little hands to get on and off. They're perfect for a trip to the beach, the zoo, grandma's house, and everywhere in between. They're even affordable enough to buy an extra pair to keep at day care or in the car for unexpected stops at the park.

What will your baby be wearing on his feet this summer?


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