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Taking a Baby to Sea World: Help Me!

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Next month, we're taking a family road trip with our son who will be 16 months old. Just typing out that sentence gave me a mini-anxiety attack.

We're going to Sea World, and I think Kyle is going to love the amusement park and the time with his cousins, aunts, and uncles. But it's our first weekend away since last December, when he was under a year old and was more baby than toddler. And it's our first time at a place like Sea World.

Meaning, we're in need of a whole new set of tips and tricks for traveling with a baby to get us there and back in one piece and without losing our minds.

It'll be a full day at a theme park in the hot summer heat. I'm feeling slightly ill-equipped for all this! Going to the playground near our house? Piece of cake! Going out of town to a huge amusement park? That's a first!

Have any of you spent a long, hot day with a baby at an amusement park? Any tips and tricks for keeping the kid happy and the parents sane?

Tell me, what should I know?

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imomla imomla

SeaWorld is actually one of the BETTER Parks to take a toddler to, (It can be even better than Disneyland) because they have such a great Kids Play Area, that caters to younger children. (Sesame Street's: BAY OF PLAY)  

We took my daughter last year, she was 2 & she loved it. They have a Water Play area, so make sure to bring a bathing suit & towel, & water shoes/crocs so they don't get their clothes wet. They also have a sandbox area, like how they do at Parks w/ sandtoys included. They have a musical instrument section, where the kids can play music & bang on things.  They also have a really fun soft/padded area w/ soft blocks for very yound children only (toddlers). That was one of her FAV attractions. (And there is a SeaWorld monitor standing guard to monitor when too big of kids try & come in.)  I personally thought my daughter was too young for the kiddies rides, but there were plenty of other things to do there.   

She also liked the Bat Ray petting area. she never touched one, but she thought it was so cool when I would hold her & she could put her hands in the water see the animals so closeup.  


imomla imomla

She sat through the Shamu show becuz we kept feeding her new snacks, mostly cold fruit at that time, so it kind of kept her busy. Plus we sat on the far corner in a row by ourselves, so she could walk between my husband & I. In other words we gave her enough freedom. It was more important to me keeping her happy then getting a good seat in the middle of all of the crowds. (Plus I was always worried that I was gonna have to walkout halfway thru if she started crying or something, but she didn't)

I was still Breast Feeding at the time, so I went to the First Aid Station (by the exit) and they were VERY nice & let me have a cot all to ourselves w/ a curtain for privacy. That's when my daughter cooled off (me too) & fell asleep for naptime. (there was no one in there & so it was quiet.) They said to come back anytime, which right there gave me Immense peace of mind, just to know there was a cool/ indoor area where I could take her when she got too cranky. So you should definitely use that to bottle feed or BF or just take for some downtime.


imomla imomla

Another good place to cool off is the penguin exhibit. Plus there are sooo many of them & they are so exciting to watch, she got a real kick out of it.

She also enjoyed seeing the Anheiser Busch Clydesdales, in their stables. Which is another shaded area. (In the Stables)

I also bought her a few souvenirs along the way. Which she was thrilled with. And some of the kids meals came in a plastic shamu luchbox that she liked to carry around.

My summer advice would be to have them wear a hat, (if possible) sunscreen & a shirt w/ sleeves, (not a tank top to avoid sunburns) But the hat thing NEVER worked for me, (so we do sunscreen) my daughter still refuses to wear one. 

I LOVE SEAWORLD, as a matter of fact we are going there tomorrow. Have fun & enjoy your trip. I hope some of these suggestions help you! Feel free to send me a message, if you have any more questions. GOOD LUCK, You Can Do It!!!


I agree that the Bay of Play is the best place for little ones to go. My ideas to keep cool in summer is to freeze a bunch of washcloths and take them in an insulated bag. They are amazing to help cool down baby and you! We had our kids wear their swimsuits under their clothes when we went, so if they were too hot, they could just hang out in their suits. Definately do not forget to bring sunblock with you to the park, so you can reapply often. And my biggest recommendation for going to a theme park is that it is almost always worth paying the extra to rent their strollers. I've found that they usually have ones that are easier to push around and you worry less when you have to leave it to the side to eneter an exhibit or ride. Good luck! It really wont be so difficult, no need for anxiety! Just bring your camera and enjoy the experience.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I really have no tips but I am wishing you a lot of luck!!

tazdvl tazdvl

I would like to hear how it went. Did you go yet?

Pnukey Pnukey

Make sure to take a good stroller, a lot of snacks, a hat, sunglasses, and lots of sunblock. Oh, also a change of clothes. Wear your comfy shoes. Good luck.

Carey... Carey2006

RELAX! SEA WORLD is the BEST park to take a baby!!! We went around my son's 1st birthday & had a WONDERFUL time!!!! We stayed at the Renaissance Resort in Orlando......we walked across the parking lot to SEA WORLD!!! It was great cuz during the day we went back to our hotel, went for a swim & lil nap then back over to the park for a couple shows (Shamu Rocks & the fireworks) before the park closed.

coppe... copperswifey

I have never taken a baby on a trip like that. I hope your trip was a blast and everyone had fun :)

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