Taking a Baby to Sea World: Help Me!

Flickr photo by bsteve76
Next month, we're taking a family road trip with our son who will be 16 months old. Just typing out that sentence gave me a mini-anxiety attack.

We're going to Sea World, and I think Kyle is going to love the amusement park and the time with his cousins, aunts, and uncles. But it's our first weekend away since last December, when he was under a year old and was more baby than toddler. And it's our first time at a place like Sea World.


Meaning, we're in need of a whole new set of tips and tricks for traveling with a baby to get us there and back in one piece and without losing our minds.

It'll be a full day at a theme park in the hot summer heat. I'm feeling slightly ill-equipped for all this! Going to the playground near our house? Piece of cake! Going out of town to a huge amusement park? That's a first!

Have any of you spent a long, hot day with a baby at an amusement park? Any tips and tricks for keeping the kid happy and the parents sane?

Tell me, what should I know?

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