Nursery Must-Have: A Changing Table?

Photo from Jennie Canzoneri
At one of my baby showers, I was told I'd never use the changing table. "Who has time to walk to the nursery for every diaper change! You'll change him on the couch, the floor, the kitchen counter, even! Rarely the changing table."

I knew plenty of people who echoed this sentiment and even some guests at my shower nodded along. We bought a dresser that could serve as a changing table, but I silently thought we'd never need to.


Funny enough, we've used that changing table for 95 percent of diaper changes. The other 5 percent? We weren't home.

We didn't think it would work out that way, but it just did. Isn't that how a million aspects of parenting wind up being? Totally out of your control.

Kyle's gone through phases of loving and hating the changing table, but it's always been a great spot for us to contain him in one place for a diaper change.

We also don't have any carpet in the house, so changing him on the floor seemed uncomfortable (even with a blanket or towel on hand) and we never had wipes, ointment, or extra diapers anywhere but in the nursery.

So, for us, the changing table was a serious must-have (and still is), but I love hearing about the experiences of other new moms.

Was the changing table a must-have for you?


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