Kerri Walsh's Son Sundance & Giving Your Kids Additive-Free Food -- Best Baby Links This Week

Photo from Jennie Canzoneri
Free activities for your kids this summer courtesy of a bank? And dealing with separation anxiety, too. Read on for the baby-related links I just love this week.

  • I just wrote about my son's clingy phase (that's him to the left!) at The Stir, and the next day I read this article at Just the Facts Baby on dealing with your kid's separation anxiety. Nice coincidence!
  • I liked this post on LilSugar about celebrities with one traditionally named baby and one uniquely named one (inspired by Kerri Walsh's new son, Sundance, who joins big brother Joseph; interesting choices!).
  • I love Bank of America's Museums on Us program this summer. Check out which parks and museums your BofA debit or credit card will get you into. For free!
  • This is a terrific post from Eco Child's Play on keeping your pantry free of additives so your kids can have a healthier diet. Small changes make a big difference.

What baby links do you love this week?

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