Babies and Pop Rocks: Links I Love

Is it a boy or a girl? More importantly, how can you mess with him/her? Here are the baby links I'm loving this week:

  • Thank you Jezebel for making me not feel so bad when we gave my 4-year-old Pop Rocks for the first time. That's four years, not months.
  • Laura Ling is going to name her new baby after her sister Lisa. I love this heartwarming story in People about a woman who faced possible death and came home to change her focus on the family. Honoring her sister who helped secure her release and return to her husband is so beautiful!
  • Exposed! Myths and realities of how to tell what your baby's gender will be on WebMD. Of course, you could just wait for your sonogram.
  • A wonderful story from the Bronx that makes me question why New Yorkers get a bad rap. Donors literally lined up to find out of they were a match to donate bone marrow to a baby with a rare blood disorder.
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