Hell No, We Won't Go! NIP & Working Moms: Best Reader Comments

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So much talk about nursing in public or the more fun to type -- NIP. But also on tap was staying at home with babies, losing baby weight via bf'ing and those awesome denim Huggies.

Here's the best of baby comments --


Julie took on denim diapers (I can't help it, I'm still laughing at these) and RanaAurora defended the look:

Try living in a very hot state. These are great. You may have issues with a baby in a shirt and diaper but when it's 105 degrees out, putting more on them just "because they need to be dressed" is ridiculous.  I think they're much cuter than normal disposables.

I talked about the new study showing men can have PPD and also a more negative reaction and ethans_momma06 thought men don't have the hormone issue, so why would it be worse?:

I was going to say it but mainemusicmaker already kinda did! While it would be understandable for guys to have PPD, they still don't have to contend with the hormonal aspect of it. That is a significant difference I think.

However, hormonal or not, it is SO important for someone who is feeling depressed to speak out about it. Even more so when there is the possibility of injuring yourself or others.

Sona asked how you feel about nursing in public and Barb had a great "Mom Power!" answer:

I nursed 3 kids, and it's true that if you don't want to be stuck at home for the whole time you are nursing, you will end up breastfeeding in a public place. So, I am all for it, because it's not good for mom or baby to be stuck at home all the time. Especially if you have more than one child, you will need to nurse your baby when you are out with your other children.

When I see another mom nursing her baby, I try to catch her eye and give her a big smile. I might even approach her and tell her that I'm so glad to see that she is nursing her baby. Nursing moms need support!

I know that some moms are not comfortable nursing in public, and that's OK. I'm not saying that every mom should, but if you are OK with it, then go for it! The public needs to be educated. It's your right to nurse your baby, and isn't that what breasts are for anyway?

Michele is worried that Penelope is rolling over on her tummy. Most of you reassured her and Carey2006 shows that we never stop worrying, even after they're way out of SIDS danger:

No matter what my child's age...I'm always going to worry or go in and place a hand on his back to make sure he is breathing.....

I mused about taking four or five years off to have a baby and what I would feel like. Cafe Amy threw it back into Dad's court, and described her own reality and fantasy:

My husband says all the time that he could easily be a stay-at-home dad. And if we could afford it - he would be a kick-ass one... but I think that is a fantasy too... We both need something other than our kids to keep us going. We love our kids and love the time we spend with them - but we need something else in our lives - other than raising them. If we had so much money that neither of us needed to work then we would end up involved with an organization volunteering 40 hours a week!

Amy Jo talked about relying on breastfeeding to lose the baby weight and ffsoulm8 showed how we are all so dramatically different:

It's great that you were able to lose weight while breast feeding, but count yourself lucky about the weight loss.  I disagree that all women lose weight because of breastfeeding.  I breast fed my 5 children for the first year of their lives.  I ate healthy and did not overeat yet until I stopped breastfeeding, I was unable to lose.  I ate the same and lost weight, the only change was that I was no longer breastfeeding.  I also had full heavy menustration while breastfeeding, which many women do not. 

Not all women's bodies handle breastfeeding the same and I think that La Leche League is setting women up for disappointment when they say that you will.  I don't regret breastfeeding and greatly encourage it.  The bonding and health benefits for my children was well worth it.

Michele talked about last week's What Would You Do? breastfeeding in public episode and a lot of you weighed in on that one, and anklebitr got right to the heart of the matter:

I support a babies right to eat!

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