Kanye West Lullabies?

Rockabye Baby Music; $17.99
I know what you are thinking. Yeah, you love the beats but Kanye West? Lullaby? Gold Digger?

I've heard of Beatles lullabies and current soft-rocking music stars like Jewel or John Mayer, but I didn't expect to see Kanye's music turned into sweet tunes to help baby fall asleep.


Rockabye Baby! has just released the first offering in their Rap-a-Bye collection, Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West. This is a 12-track CD is full of kid-friendly versions of West’s biggest hits including Stronger, Gold Digger, and Good Life. Rest assured parents, Rockabye Baby! swapped out the F bombs from Kanye's hits with a happy sounding glockenspiel, a harp, and twinkling bells.

There are no lyrics on this CD, only soft melodies that I suppose could lull your kids to sleep. (Unless they are dancing to it after you turn our the lights, which seems a bit more likely.) The result is a kinder, gentler version of Kanye's music that still packs a hip-hop beat.

Check-a-check-a-check-it-out y'all.

Does your baby fall asleep to these rock or rap lullabies?


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