Apricots & Figs: Will Your Baby Eat That?

Flickr photo by La Grande Farmers' Market
I found an article about healthy baby food on Suite101 -- it's an offshoot of their healthy eating column, and it made me wonder if I haven't been too pedestrian in my baby food choices.

Their recipes are designed for optimal health, and the dried apricot and fig puree is rich in fiber, vitamin A and has immune system benefits as well.


I also like the fact that the author is considerate of alternative milk choices: her recipes calls for breast, formula, cow or buffalo milk.

While I haven't tried this since my son is in a hellacious molar teething place where he only wants his squeezy foods and pasta, I can't tell you whether this super healthy dish is a baby hit.

Give it a try and let me know in comments if your baby is digging the figs.

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