Denim Diapers: Yay or Nay for Disposable Daisy Dukes?

Denim Diapers
Amazon; $22.99
Denim diapers
. Those are two words I never thought I'd see on the same box, but there they are right on the shelf of my local Target -- disposable Daisy Dukes for babies.

Huggies is responsible for the atrocities. Jeans are now part of the Little Movers line.


Besides being just ... ugly, you know that some moms are going to consider these to double as a pair of pants, and there will be pantless babies abounding at the park and in the malls. Just what the world needs.

Pair them with a little wife beater and, well ... I will refrain from making any trailer park references, but I would be interested to see sales in those areas.

The idea of jazzed-up diapers is nice. I'd love to see something besides cartoon characters on them, but denim? Not on my baby's derriere.

Fortunately, they're a limited edition. Let's hope it's a very limited one.

Would you buy denim diapers?

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