The Clingy Baby Phase: How Long Did It Last?

Photo from Jennie Canzoneri
My son went to anyone who would take him from the first day he was born. But, around 9 months he got pretty clingy.

I thought that was just a phase, no big deal, but he's now 15 months (um, almost 16) and he hasn't grown out of it yet.


He'll go to his parents, obviously, and his grandparents (excitedly!) and he's fine (now) when I drop him off at school. He's also okay once he's warmed up to you, but I can't just hand him willy-nilly to anyone in our circle of friends or family (aunts/cousin/uncles/best friends) without him kind of melting down.

As I told a friend today, he'd be the perfect baby model for a Stranger Danger PSA.

Now, I know this isn't because of us. We tried very hard to make sure he knew he was both safe and encouraged to go to other people. We have really only ever left him with the people he's most comfortable (grandparents and teachers). Still, he doesn't like to leave our arms if he has the choice.

Basically, I'm wondering, how long did the "clingy" phase last for you?

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