BornFree Spill-Proof Sippy

twist'n pop born free straw cup
Photo from BornFree
For those of us bugged out about BPA, BornFree baby bottles were on the top of our baby shower registry because they were one of the first companies to say, "Hey, we get it. Suck on this."

I'm paraphrasing, of course.

But BornFree bottles were a go-to for me when my son was born and I was fully educated about the dangers of BPAs, Phthalates and PVC in plastic; and not every baby bottle manufacturer had received the message.

Now my baby is on to sippy cups and BornFree is growing right along with him with their new Twist'N Pop Easy Drink Straw Cup.


BornFree sent me a sippy cup to test out and in addition to the sigh of relief that my son isn't ingesting estrogen, I love the little lid that twists over the drinking straw.

Admittedly, the boy doesn't because he loves to play with his sippy after he's had his fill to see how much of the leftover liquid he can splash around the house/car/mom. But there's still less crying -- on both our parts -- since I don't have to grab the entire cup out of his hands, and he gets to hold onto his sippy while the straw and opening are safely folded inside.

BornFree Twist'N Pop Easy Drink Straw Cup ($7.99) -- BornFree

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