Baby Boot Camp: Nursing in Public -- Yay or Nay?

Breastfed baby
Flickr photo by benklocek
As a new first-time mom -- yes, I'm typing this with one hand -- I'll be exploring the often stressful, always magical first months of my little one's life with the scoop on things like car seats, cradle cap, cuddle time, and other newborn issues in CafeMom's Baby Boot Camp.

Earlier this week, there was a post on The Stir about the fact that 57 percent of Americans are opposed to breastfeeding in public.

But even before I got that news, the issue was something that stressed me out. I, too, have fallen into the (almost) cult of breast-is-best. I want to do what's best for little Kavi, even if it means being on-call around the clock, dealing with that miserable pump, and all the rest of it.


In any case, I tend to fall on the more modest side of things, specifically when it comes to whipping out a boob at a restaurant or park or whatever.

Luckily, since I work from home, it's not something I've had to deal with regularly. However, if you're breastfeeding, eventually it becomes inevitable. Because Kavi and I can't spend her entire first year cozied away in the confines of our apartment, I've run into this dilemma at the park, at the grocery store, and even on a plane.

In the end, if I didn't have a bottle of breast milk handy, I sucked it up, pulled a cover over myself and Kavi, and nursed her, discreetly. After all, my baby's hunger pangs overrule any personal bashfulness or public outcry from strangers. I have to do what's best for her.

How comfortable are you breastfeeding in public?

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