Taking Great Baby Photos and Dads Dealing With Postpartum Depression -- Baby Links I Love

baby sleeping
Photo from Jennie Canzoneri
Amy Adams is a mom! How about some great outdoor toys?

Check out the baby links I love this week:

  • I found this article on fathers dealing with postpartum depression on ParentDish pretty interesting. I've thought for ages that men's post-birth emotions are totally glossed over, and they shouldn't be.
  • Who doesn't love Amy Adams? Well, she's now the mother to a sweetly named little girl, Aviana Olea.
  • It's summer! Although Texas summers can be particularly brutal, my kid loves nothing more than going outside. I love this list of 5 backyard toys to invest in for your kids from Breezy Mama.
  • All new moms, read this post from OhDeeDoh: 10 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Your Child. Great baby photos are invaluable (like the one of my baby to the left!). They're also a great value if you can take them yourself.
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