Help! My Baby Rolls Over & Sleeps on Her Tummy

baby tummy time
Photo by Michele Zipp
My little rebel
Penelope has been rolling over in the night and sleeps on her belly. She'll be 6 months old in a week. She's a preemie, though, so she's smaller than most 6-month-olds.

I'm worried about SIDS.

As a result, I'm not sleeping well and each time I wake up, I roll her back onto her back. A quick snooze later, she's on her stomach again. Thumb in mouth. Happy as can be.


She's never happy when I roll her on her back. Sometimes she lets out a wail and then her twin brother wakes up. The bags under my eyes have their own luggage.

"Back to sleep" is tattooed in my mind and it's also embroidered on the sleep sacks my twins wear. On the back of Penelope's sleep sack, it should read, "Bottom's up!" in defiance. She was even a rebel in the womb, all stretched out and flipping and turning and taking up all the room, while her brother was curled in a little ball.

I've read that once babies can roll over on their own, sleeping on their tummies is okay. But it feels wrong. And I'm worried. I'm thinking I should buy a sleep positioner, but they seem to be for babies younger than mine.

Does your baby roll over and sleep on her tummy? Are you worried? Should we be worried?

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