'Babies' Talk and Duct Tape: Links I Love

People do funny things with babies; as seen in this video.

Other links I love this week include chatter about that Babies movie and the changing landscape of gay parenting.

  • Strollerderby says what everyone else was thinking about Hattie's parents in Babies.
  • The Huffington Post has the best parenting fails with photographic evidence. Umm, I think I've actually done that "piling grocery store items on my baby in his stroller" thing at Target before. Oops!
  • The author of She Looks Just Like You, a memoir that focuses on gay parenting, talks to Salon about the gay baby boom. You can't look at the legal struggles parents have simply with health insurance and custody without wondering why in the world anyone wants to deny gay marriage, and the rights that come with the institution.
  • Baby jumping in Spain! Let the devil-mask-wearing, baby-leaping begin.
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