‘Mom’: Motherhood in America Explored and Shared

Mom David Isay
Amazon.com; $9.99
Oh, the things we learn when we become mothers. Things that we wouldn't have thought possible happen; things we swore were true evaporate before us like lies in the wind. We learn so much, but all that knowledge is rarely captured and shared with anyone outside our immediate circle.

That's why I love the idea of this book simply titled Mom. Edited by David Isay, it's part of his StoryCorps project in which everyday Americans from all walks of life are interviewed by other everyday Americans about their personal experiences. For this edition, more than 30,000 interviews were completed.


There are memories and lessons learned and stories that all reflect a mother's life -- the commonalities and stark differences this role embraces in our country.

This quote from the book gives you a sense of the inspirational insight it provides: "What I want to say to you is that sometimes life catches you by surprise and you feel unequipped to handle what it brings you, but every bit of life you've lived before that moment equips you to live through it. That's what I would give to you." -- Fanni Victoria Green-Lemons, in conversation with her daughter, Danyealah Green-Lemons.

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