Babies Learn While Sleeping

baby sleeping
Photo by MamaChamp
In what might be one of the cutest studies ever, researchers found that babies are great learners, better than adults even, while they're sleeping.

Here's how they made this discovery (seriously, picturing it is so cute!):

"In order to understand how newborns learn while in their most frequent state, Byrd and her colleagues tested the learning abilities of sleeping newborns by repeating tones that were followed by a gentle puff of air to the eyelids. After about 20 minutes, 24 of the 26 babies squeezed their eyelids together when the tone was sounded without the puff of air."

Since babies sleep most of the time, this advanced learning helps explain how so much progress can be made by these tiny-brained wonders.

Researchers hope the results of this study will help to detect neurological disorders such as autism or dyslexia and open more doors to research in these areas.

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