Helping Baby Sleep: The HoMedics SoundSpa Machine; $19.99
I always wondered why my baby took such awesome naps at day care when I could barely get him to sleep for more than an hour at home on the weekends. 

Dark room? Check. Consistent naptime? Check. One thing they had at his school that I didn't was a HoMedics SpaSound machine and the sound of gentle, sleep-inducing rain.

I was hopeful that by using a sound machine I could keep Rowan down for a longer nap and maybe he'd even sleep better at night. Better at night? Who am I kidding? I dared to hope that he'd sleep ALL NIGHT. 

If rain isn't your thing, the SoundSpa has six digitally recorded, calming sounds: The ocean, summer night, rain, rain forest, waterfall, and a heartbeat. But I have to say, the rain is lovely. Much more soothing than the heartbeat.

The SoundSpa is lightweight and travel-friendly. You can use it with an adapter or with batteries, which probably works well if you want to take advantage of the 15-, 30-, or 60-minute auto-timer. I wouldn't know about the timer option because I leave it on all night. Because Rowan sleeps all night! Well, he does sometimes, anyway, which is an improvement and I'll take it.

It's an easy modification to make to help improve your sleeping environment, and at less than 20 bucks, it's worth a try if you're dealing with a sleep-challenged baby.

Have you tried white noise to help your baby sleep?

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