Baby's First Year: Week 25 (Sitting Up & Lots of Giggling)

Meet first-time mom starburst1680. She's sharing the roller coaster ride of her first year of motherhood. Check back every week for all the emotion and exhaustion -- right up to Kathryn Grace's first birthday.

Week 25:

This week Kathryn tried the last of the first foods: Peas. She doesn't hate them, but they're not her favorite either.

Kathryn has been teething off and on some more. She seems to have good days and bad days. Today was a little rough, but with a combination of Orajel and occasionally acetaminophen (generic Tylenol since the recall), she's doing just fine. She also quite enjoys chewing on washcloths that are cold and wet.


Over the past few weeks, Kathryn has been getting better and better at sitting up. Now she can sit unsupported for a few minutes at a time without toppling over. She's still kind of wobbly but I can even see an improvement from last week. One of our favorite places to let her practice is in the middle of our bed because if she falls over in any direction, she lands in a soft spot. Sometimes she still has to hold herself up with her hands, but sometimes she'll deliberately lift both her hands up and to the side as if to say, "Look mom, no hands!"

Lately, especially the past few days it seems, Kathryn has gotten more smiley and giggly. I love it! I've found a few places on her that are ticklish and I love to give her kisses there to get her going. She also loves to be held above my head, airplane-style, and have me bench press her. Sometimes she'll find sounds or facial expressions particularly amusing, but then if you do those same things again later, they may or may not get a giggle out of her. I'm finding that I love this age and I wish I could just pause time for a little bit, minus the teething part.

(We're celebrating starburst168's first year with baby, so thanks for keeping your judgments about parenting choices to yourself.)

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