Daddy Brain: It's Not Just for Moms Anymore

dad and baby
Photo by ColeysMommy2
I'll admit that within the first few months (okay, years) of my daughter's life I would get addled. Confusion and poor decision-making often are symptoms of sleep-deprivation, so I'll cop to that.

But my husband just pulled a daddy brain move that made me realize, ladies, we are not alone.


While holding our baby, my husband looked around, looked at me, and asked, "Where's Judah?" I thought he was joking. Until he looked around and asked with more urgency, "Where's Judah?"

He realized he was out of his mind when I was laughing hysterically instead of worriedly looking for our fast-moving boy.

Since mommy brain isn't a scientific term, I think we can safely apply it to both genders.

It's no surprise after months of the chaos of moving a family of four across the country and adjusting to a new time zone, my husband had a moment that resulted in forgetting he had our son in his arms. Let's just have this serve as an example of equal-opportunity spaciness, shall we?

Has the father of your children ever had a daddy brain moment?

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