Food, Gossip, Child-Free Friends, and "American Idol" Regret: Baby Links I Love

baby eating
Photo by Cris1128
This weekend I read up on my baby news, and here's what's keeping me clicking:

  • Grace Hwang Lynch takes back dining out with kids. Loving the title of her post, which really says it all: "I've Got a Double Stroller -- And I'm Not Afraid to Eat Out."
  • Some bad info, or an embarrassed star? Entertainment Daily says Jennifer Aniston is laughing off the baby food diet story. Furthermore, she was a 1-year-old the last time she consumed strained peas.
  • Something I don't love to talk about, or think about for that matter, is the gulf between my child-free friends and myself since my first baby was born. Betty Confidential feels my pain, but talks about it anyway.
  • Michael Lynche says missing his baby's birth to try out for American Idol wasn't worth it and he needs to make up for lost time in Uh, yeah. Why didn't he wait until next season to try out? Something Big Mike should've thought about before missing this once-in-a-lifetime event.
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