What Do I Do With My Swaddle-Needy Baby in Summer?

Swaddled Baby
Flickr Photo by whipstar
Once summer's here, what do you do about your swaddle-needy baby?

So I'm sitting here in my in-laws air conditioned house in California, where it finally decided to get hot.

Baby Kavi's taking a nap -- or trying to anyway. She's wearing just a onesie, because it's in the high '80s today and because she likes to kick her chubby little legs up in the air. But that's the thing; even in her dozey state, she continues to kick. And when those little legs start to fall back down toward the bed, she startles herself awake.


Now let me say this -- it's adorable to watch. But while it may seems cute now, I'm sure at 2 a.m. I'm not going to be so amused. See, my baby, like many others, is used to being swaddled for bedtime and nap time. She likes the cozy, bundled-up feeling, the comfort she associates with being held tight. As the weather continues to get warmer though, I'm at a loss. What do parents do about their swaddle-needy baby when things get hot?

I looked this up on the Internet, and as usual, there are some crazy ideas out there. One woman suggested buying women's pantyhose and swaddling your kid with that. But I don't know, it sounds a bit risky. Another suggested using a cotton waffle-patterned receiving blanket or a muslin wrap, but I know Kavi would Houdini her way right out of it. I guess we could always just blast the AC and then bundle her up, but our electric bill will no doubt sky rocket -- and we can't really afford to that right now. I know a half-swaddle won't work, given the whole leg-dropping scenario. But parents must manage to wean their kids off the swaddle all the time, right?

How did you transition your little one from swaddled to swaddle-free sleep?

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