Animal and BF'ing Rights: Best Reader Comments

baby with bottle
Photo by LelandsMommy
Whatcha talking about this week in baby news?

After first having lots of comments about the comments (that was fun), you all took on grandparents and fancy strollers, and then decided to organize breastfeeding sit-ins.

Busy week!


When I freaked out about what toxins are going into my babies as a result of environmental and household items, Pishyah commiserated:

"Incredibly frightening but I'm glad I'm not the only person who wakes scared into a frenzy over things like this."

Sona talked about Kavi's visit with her grandparents and how the grands can sometimes interfere with parenting rules and standards. We've all seen this, and madfoot gives her philosophy:

"yes, my parents spoil my daughter and my nephews, and I really don't interfere much except when it is very obviously undermining -- which does happen sometimes, unfortch."

When I shared the latest in breast milk research, mainemusicmaker had this to say about the resulting advancements that will be made to formula:

"Replicate genes? So, like, they'll be manufactured genes? I don't know ... give me the real deal any day. While I'll agree that any step forward to make formula 'better' is a good thing, I'll still stand by the 'breast is best' train of thought."

No one was happy when Michele talked about testing baby formula on animals, which seemed superfluous and cruel. The first complaint came from cleannaturallady:

"Doesn't sound warranted to me unless it has a direct correlation to some human problems. Just seems to be needlessly torturing animals, in my opinion."

Jennie asked if a rocking chair was a nursery necessity for all you mamas out there. Still using the rocker and making it sound like a lovely experience is ethans_momma06:

"Yes. In fact we moved to a place where we couldn't have a rocking chair for a few months and I wanted to die. I STILL use it and my son is 3. We have story time there, and sometimes he just likes to climb up on my lap, cuddle, and rock.

"This is one of those 'necessities' that you have to look at the lifelong value of the item. It isn't like a changing table that your kid will grow out of. Most children will continue to use it as they grow!"

Tracy showed us four really expensive strollers and asked what you thought, or if you had one of your own. sodapple showed us the value of buying smart:

"i wanted a bugaboo with my first child badly, i ended up getting a maclaren, still have it, and now we are going to use it for our new addition, i only had to change the wheels so, it was a good decision as far as strollers go. unless i had the money i wouldn't pay more than $300 for a stroller and that's still expensive."

And a lot of you saved your anger for the doctor's office that fired a woman for pumping at work and tried to force her to formula feed. Showing mom unity was Happypancake:

"I don't even BF and that makes me upset to hear. Poor woman, I hope she is able to find another job that will respect her pumping at work."


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