Breastfeeding in Public: Most People Don't Approve

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I breastfeed both twins at the same time. A feat only accomplished at home and with strategically placed pillows. I have breastfed in public, one at a time. But so far it's only been in parks and once outside a restaurant. I felt too on display inside. I usually just time my eating out around my babies' feeding schedule. Or I don't eat out at all.

But I support breastfeeding in public. I mean, it seems silly that it's even an issue. If I had one baby, I'm sure I would do it a lot more often.

I'm also friends with a very pro-boob milk group of women, so that's why I was shocked to learn that 57 percent of Americans don't approve of public breastfeeding


ABC News set up a public breastfeeding scenario in their What Would You Do? series. Location: New York City. The manager and breastfeeding moms were actors. The baby was a doll. But the customers were all real.

Each scenario featured a different mom (young, older, white, black). All the managers wanted the moms to stop breastfeeding in the cafe. They were loud, even using the words "hooters," "porno," and "jugs" -- for effect, of course. Though by the way some people reacted, and real stories of nursing moms being forced to breastfeed in a bathroom, it could have been real.

One woman told the nursing mom, "I have two small kids and I wouldn't do that out in public."

Okay lady. So don't. But why make another mom feel she's doing something wrong?

Some people came to the mom's defense. One woman said, "Actually, what you're telling her is against the law."

Public breastfeeding is a debate that's been going on long before I was even born, and isn't going away. As nursing moms begin to feed their baby (or babies) in public and are met with scowls, more lactivists are born.

I'm just shocked that the majority of Americans -- 57 percent! -- do not approve of the very natural act of a mother feeding her child. And come on! It's just boobs. Are we all really that uptight? I guess a lot of us are.

What do you think of public breastfeeding? Did you see the What Would You Do? show?

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