BuckleyBoo Keeps Baby Busy

buckleyboo doll baby
Amazon; $31.95
My son has been obsessed with buckles for a couple of months now, so I finally understand the beauty of the BuckleyBoo doll a PR rep sent me last winter.

At first glance, it seems like a perfectly ordinary doll, maybe with a bondage fetish. But now that my little guy can be mesmerized by trying to fit a buckle into a slot, I realize what a genius idea BuckleyBoo is for the under 2 set.


BuckleyBoo is also a softie, so your baby can cuddle when he's all tuckered out from buckling and unbuckling the multicolored belts across his chest. There are dogs, rabbits, even crib versions you can latch on and hope it keeps the early-riser entertained in the morning.

Do you know what else BuckleyBoo is perfect for? Airplanes. Any quiet activity that encourages concentration but doesn't require headphones is a huge win in my book.

BuckleyBoo Rabbit ($31.95) -- Amazon


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