The Best Baby Blanket

two tinas baby blanket; $48
I love putting my daughter to bed at night. She gives me a kiss, then I roll her onto her tummy, and her little bottom immediately goes up into the air as she curls into a perfect little ball. Finally, I cover her with her favorite blanket.

I love that her favorite blanket by two tinas is my favorite blanket and has been since before her birth when a friend sent it as a gift. I was worried she'd choose another, but fortunately we're on the same page ... at least for now.


One side is super-soft and plush, and the other has a great pattern with her initial. They have a whole host of patterns and designs from which you can choose. And, unlike some fancy baby blankets, this one can actually be machine-washed.

They make great baby gifts, and everyone I've given one to has fallen in love them as well.

What's your baby's favorite blanket?

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