Baby Formula Tested on Animals; Outrages PETA

white mouse
Flickr photo by be_khe
Something wonky is going on and the National Toxicology Program (NTP) wants to conduct tests on the effects of soy infant formula on rodents. PETA's confused because soy formula has been considered safe for babies for 60 years. And soy formula has shown a lot of adverse effects in rodents.

So why more testing on animals? And why spend over three million dollars on these experiments?


Apparently they're testing on animals to see why it's bad for animals. Okay, this is infant formula. Infant formula that has been deemed safe for babies, but bad for rodents. So I'm just not understanding why they're spending all this money on something already known.

Something in the soy formula causes reproductive problems in rats and mice, and the focus is on genistein, which is a part of soy. So, according to PETA, these rodents will be fed the formula, tested, killed, and then more testing will be done on their reproductive organs.

And as PETA suggests, if information is needed on the effects of soy formula on babies, why not conduct a study based on the medical records of babies who have consumed soy formula in the 60 years babies have been eating it?

Do you think this testing is necessary?

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