Boob Grabbing & Flashing: Baby Links I Love

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how babies can get away with all this crap. It's this week in baby links I love!

  • I'm no fan of McDonald's, but this new commercial posted on Adland got me. Now I want to take my baby for a drive and get some French fries. Dangit!
  • I discovered via Shine! that BabyCenter is asking moms to send in pictures of their boobs. Breastfeeding boobs and post-pregnancy boobs, so we can all get a look at what "real" boobs look like as we nurse our babies and wonder what the hell happened to the bounce. Will you give a boob to the cause?
  • The Lil Bee tells baby Devon how she got her name. Get the hankies out.
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