Losing Baby Weight: My Cupcake Crutch

Flickr photo by clevercupcakes
There's no magic trick to losing the baby weight. Unless you have a health condition that interferes with losing weight, it boils down to this: Eat less and move more.

But wait! You might say, "I only eat one meal a day and I'm chasing a baby around ... that burns calories. Plus, I sleep three hours a day ... I don't have the time to get to the gym!"

I hear you! I've said all of those things myself.


I did, and sometimes do, only eat one meal a day and it's usually cold and unsatisfying. I used to graze constantly — and not on healthy foods like fruits and veggies. It'd be a chocolate croissant for breakfast, a handful of chips around the lunch hour, leftover grilled cheese bites from the kids when I was making dinner, and then something sweet once the kids were asleep.

Of all of the changes I've tried to make to shed my last few pounds of baby weight, cutting out the late-night treat has been the most difficult, and I think I know why: When I sat down and had that cupcake (or chocolate chip cookie or peanut butter bar ...), it made me happy. I felt as though that few minutes of pleasure were hard-earned and I deserved a break after taking care of everyone else's needs all day long.

I haven't given up cupcakes. (I'm weak.) But I've given up eating them every night — and that change alone makes a difference. I've decided to save those indulgences for the weekends ... and I savor every bite!

What snack or treat is the hardest for you to give up?


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