First Birthday Shirts -- Should I Buy One?

10 months old baby
Almost a year old
My son's first birthday is only a little more than a month away (how did that happen?), so I've started scouting around Etsy for some party theme inspiration. I still don't have a theme, but I do have a question: What's up with all the first birthday t-shirts? Do y'all buy your kids a special t-shirt for their birthday party? I've never heard of this before, but there are a lot of cute options available on Etsy, so I might have to do some shopping ...




first birthday shirt
happyfamily; $16

This navy and light blue tee is screen-printed by hand in white ink. I love the simplicity of the design -- it could easily be worn after the big day.







first birthday guitar shirt
almdesigns; $18
The groovy guitars on this shirt would go nicely with a music- or rock 'n' roll-themed party.







cowboy birthday shirt
littleoneboutique; $19.99
How cute is this retro cowboy design? I can just imagine a Western-themed party with my little cowboy wearing his matching birthday hat. (Who am I kidding? I'll be lucky if he wears a birthday hat long enough to snap a single photo!)








orange stripe birthday shirt
thepolkadottotspot; $17.95
These stripes are fun without being too cutesy. And I love that the shop sells a fabric Happy Birthday banner that uses the same striped fabric.







So, tell me -- do you (or will you) buy birthday shirts for your kids?

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