4 REALLY Expensive Strollers

Maclaren stroller and baby
 Part of my stroller collection
Sometimes I joke that I collect strollers the way some women collect shoes. And when you stop to think about it, strollers and shoes do actually have a lot in common. They're both a necessity. They show your personal style. They can be quite cheap or cost hundreds of dollars. They come in a variety of designs for different lifestyles and activities. And generally when you pay more, you get better quality construction. 

I have a personal limit for how much I'll spend on both shoes and strollers. I'm happy to pay for something that will last and get a lot of use. But I can't quite wrap my head around spending hundreds of dollars on either when I can get perfectly good options for much less.

Here are four strollers that I could never justify purchasing (even with free shipping):



2010 Inglesina Classica Stroller
2010 Inglesina Classica
The 2010 Inglesina Classica has an MSRP of $1,349.99. The Inglesina website describes this stroller as "
inspired by nineteenth-century British aristocracy and refined in Italy" and "features a timeless yet somehow uniquely contemporary design." But wait. Don't get out your credit card yet because this stroller is for "only those looking for an exclusive family heirloom, to be admired and remembered for generations."

I don't know about you, but my strollers get used and abused and aren't in any shape to be handed down to future generations.


Balmoral Silver Cross Pram
Balmoral Silver Cross Pram
Next up is the Balmoral Silver Cross Classic Pram. This one costs $2,995. Yes, you read that correctly -- It costs two thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars.

For that price, you get a "classic, hand-built baby carriage that incorporates iconic design with luxurious quality. Trusted by the British Royal family for generations."

So, for three grand, your little prince or princess can ride around town like one.



Bugaboo Red Cameleon
Bugaboo Red Cameleon

Bugaboo strollers have become a bit of a status symbol. You push one of these and you're making a statement about your bank statement.

But the Bugaboo RED Cameleon Special Collection Denim Stroller allows you to show off your cashola and your charitable side at the same time. Bugaboo donates 1 percent of revenue from this stroller to the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. 

Yes, a good cause. But with a purchase price of $1,029, shouldn't you just buy a cheaper stroller and make a bigger donation on your own?


Quinny Lela Rose Buzz Stroller
Quinny Lela Rose Buzz

Quinny has only produced 300 of these Lela Rose Quinny Buzz strollers, so this is a true limited edition budget-buster. At $999.99, this designer Buzz costs over $300 more than its non-designer self.

For that extra money, you get a design from Lela Rose featuring -- get this -- thumbprints from her two children. Um. I have a toddler and a baby who'd be happy to do a custom fingerprint "design" for your stroller. And it'd only cost you the price of an ice cream cone. Bargain!



What do you think? Are these strollers worth the money?

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